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two pictures with the words candied pecans in black and white text on them
Candied Pecans
a crocheted blanket sitting on top of a wooden chair in front of a house
12 Free Crochet Christmas Blanket, Afghan Patterns |Crafting Happiness
two plates filled with food and the words ambrosia salad with sour cream
This creamy and Easy Ambrosia Salad is more dessert than salad, and is perfect for holiday dinner!
three bowls filled with fruit salad and the words five cup fruit salad in red text
Christmas Tour - Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas
a bunch of crayons sitting on top of a table next to each other
Give money as a gift!
so. between mother’s day, graduation, father’s day, and teacher appreciation…i’m going to be broke. I like giving money as a quick gift–I overstress about presents…so i’ve found it saves my sanity. but just because it requires little thought doesn’t mean it can’t be dolled up cute! i’ve complied tons of awesome ways to spread the […]
two snowmen in a box with a christmas tree ornament on the top
"Do you Want to Melt {pop} A Snowman?" A fun, easy way to give money. The hat ornament is from Dollar tree. Two white ballons (filled with cash) tied together, a pom pom nose, a ribbon scarf, googly eyes and arms and expressions drawn with sharpies. Add a little poem explaining they have to melt {pop} the snowman with their seat - no hands, tools or feet. The hat ornament isn't glues to enable it to be used as a keepsake.