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the text says, saying i love you isn't enough love is a verb
saying I love you isn't enough. Love is a VERB
Is the intimacy in your marriage struggling? Is one spouse awful at initiating love making? Want more passion and spice in your marriage? Need something new and fun to try? We have you covered! Check out the Ultimate Intimacy Scratch Cards for making love, initiating, or just wanting 30 days of new positions! Make love making fun and exciting again! You and your spouse will love these cards! @ultimateintimacyapp on instagram
an advertisement with the words, resentments build when click here for more information
Resentments Build When...
a poster with the words in loving marriage, a spouse and other words
a poem written in black and white with the words i am not perfect on it
Being Loved
a mother holding her child in her arms with the words when you hug your mom
a quote from t i w c h that reads, are you disappointed because they put that little effort into it or because they didn't
Reflections on Effort: Questioning Expectations and Relationships
the words in this poem are written on white paper
Growing Together
Growing Together
a white poster with the words 8 signs you're dating a keeper on it