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Are you \ \ ready? We ~ ~ I'm ready, goo sir! let's go okay! um... sir? you can grant mea wish? really love that blue flowers! 1 want to pick them but the doctor said cont go outside because of my health I wish I could pick Rower before leave! sure, you have \ I 10 minutes left okay! letS / \ pick you up today my hospital costs are expensive if go with you, dad and mom doesn't have \ by to work-hard \ everyday that's why, I'm so ' happy to have met you today! um, sir? can I ask one more thing? what is it? T've never had o friend before, con I be your Friend? -END- - iFunny
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you cant put down percy jackson #percyjackson #booktok #pjo | Credit: @tessa.chb
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me in every book i read #percyjackson #booktok #pjo | Credit: @tessa.chb
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Which sibling are you?
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Sip the gossip | Vent TikTok
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"Every Friend Group Has King Julian, Mort, and Maurice" - ft. Birlap and WholeWheatPete
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Someone Talking About Something They're Genuinely Interested In...
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POV You Used to Talk Everyday...
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Just Tell Them HOW YOU FEEL
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Remember Kids, if you Parents say...
anxiety is real, your not alone! #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #anxious #anxiety
just wanna eat
Mood off