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I want him!

"its called the "teddy bear dog" Half shih-tzu and half bichon frise. im in love. Hey Joyner look at this sweet puppy, its half Bichon!

Nail Shapes

Some shapes are less prone to breakage, such as rounded, square with rounded corners and square oval. Other shapes will actually weaken your nail but look really fun like almond and pointed.

The Illamasqua Sophie-I smoky eye technique

The Illamasqua Sophie-i smoky eye technique allows you to not only express your individuality, but discover new depth and definition in your eyes. Tips para maquillaje de ojos

Eye make-up. Black out with a touch of dark brown on the sides and gold/creme for the eye lids.

Smokey Eye : Brown Smokey Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes 2014 Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes: Simple and Attractive Eyeshadow Tutorial. How To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes.

winter nails

As symbols of the winter season, snowflake nail art are wonderful now and can instantly make a regular manicure look like a work of art. Take a look at these Cool Snowflake Nail Art Designs for inspiration.