Original OOAK Watercolor & Pencil Drawing Pink by ABitofWhimsyArt, $300.00

Painting OOAK Fine Art Original Watercolor Painting Pencil Drawing Pink Beautiful Girl Painting Large Abstract Painting Fashion Illustration by ABitofWhimsyArt on Etsy

Social Media Dresses pick your Fav Check out: @Trendsandco Artist:|@my_drawings_xoxox|

'Social Media Dresses' pick your favorite. Art Work by Marije xoxox (Germany) Published by Veri Apriyatno Artist (admin) DRAWING PENCIL on.

Fan art: Elsa from Frozen

Pretty fanart of Elsa. This technique of dotting is called stippling, where you can sketch out the basic guidelines lightly in pencil then dot over in ink.

Pernille Ørum

Pernille orum>>this isn't a fandom thing but I would like to point out that they look just like france shaved wearing makeup.