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Michael Sheen. I love this man.  Damn......  I never imagined Aro to look this hot!!!!!!

I think he's brilliant and he intrigues me. :) He is amazing in any role as a concerned Father, a lycan, a head vampire, an intriguing man with a few mental disorders just trying to find love, etc.

lizzy caplan photoshoot 2014 01 “Masters of Sex” Star Lizzy Caplan Gets Glam for LA Confidential

Razor sharp cheekbones: Masters of Sex star Lizzy Caplan got a sultry, glam makeover in a plunging gown and gladiator boots - both by Emilio Pucci

Lizzy Caplan...recipe: add Caplan to the worst of movies and shows and she makes it taste better!!

Lizzie Caplan as Tess Maitland in "Undead Sublet" I would want a small woman with a lot of power in her- someone who would have the stones to dose a vampire's blood with ghost pepper juice - and that's Lizzie Caplan.