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If you have ever rocked long hair before in your life, then you probably understand what it is like to treasure it. It is truly a commitment in every way: it takes forever to grow out, you need to upkeep with dead ends, and you are definitely spending extra money on shampoo and conditioner just because you have to use so much. And oh yeah, brushing it every day can be a whole to-do as well. Native American Halloween Costume, Halloween Costumes, Black Swan Costume, Pregnancy Problems, Long Locks, Grow Out, Hair Transformation, Short Cuts, Dead Ends

Woman Cuts Off Her Long Locks For An Amazing Short Cut Transformation

She doesn't even look like the same person.

Is anyone up there, and could they intercede to change a life? The existence of God is the question most everyone has debated at least once in their life. Question And Answer, This Or That Questions, Chocolate Slim, Eco Slim, Crying, Change, God, News, How To Make

Toddler Makes Mommy Cry Answering Questions

This is so precious.

Humans have been endowed with an innate sense of caring.  To look out for one another, especially the weak or vulnerable. That goes double for children. Fire Nails, Diy Wallpaper, Call Backs, Cool Hair Color, Aycrlic Nails, Cops, Cool Hairstyles, Clever, Vulnerability

Mom Calls Cops On Other Mom Fighting Her Kid Then Realizes Her Mistake After Call Back From Police

She's warning other parents to think twice.

Everyone knows parenting is not an easy task. A lot goes into parenting, and most would agree it’s probably the hardest job, but it definitely has some funny moments. In this video, we see Jordan Watson, most commonly known as How to Dad, teach his adorable two-year-old, Nala, how to sing all genres of music, and this little girl steals the show. Preschool At Home, Dad Humor, Two Year Olds, Everyone Knows, Funny Moments, Singing, Dads, Parenting, Entertainment

Funny Dad Tries To Teach Toddler To Sing

This could not be any cuter.

We all know that paperwork and administration can take a very long time, and sometimes just filing a complaint about something doesn’t suffice. When this man from Dallas, Texas spotted a rather dangerous pothole in the street, he decided to take a very creative and original approach to fix the problem. Pregnancy Problems, This Man, Filing, Celebrity Gossip, Funny Photos, Movies And Tv Shows, Fun Facts, Health Care, Health Fitness

Man Takes Funny Photos To Get City To Fill Dangerous Pothole

When this man from Dallas, Texas spotted a rather dangerous pothole in the street, he decided to take a very creative approach to fix the problem.

Disney is known as the happiest place on Earth, and we all agree that it is quite a joyful place to be, especially for kids and families. However, it seems that Disney is not all about fun and magic as there are also unusual, weird, and hilarious sights that were captured on camera and shared online! Hilarious, Funny, Joyful, Families, Earth, Entertaining, In This Moment, Disney, Weird

50 not so Disney moments caught on camera at theme park

Well, that's scandalous.

This is one dance that will leave you in awe but with a little bit of confusion. The Men’s Ballet of Krofdorf-Gleiberg, Germany choreographed a “Black and White Panty Hose Dance” that created an optical illusion within their dance. Their choreography is already set to a fun and upbeat tune, which makes the optical illusion even more fun to watch. This is going to be one dance that you watch more than once to figure out what is really happening. Funny Optical Illusions, Panty Hose, First Dance, More Fun, Laughter, Germany, Hilarious, Ballet, Shit Happens

Men’s Ballet Pull Of Funny Optical Illusion Dance

They brought a lot of laughter with this.

“Getting rid of the distance between us.” That’s how a black flight attendant described her chance encounter with a white passenger, who happened to be reading an interesting book on how white people really suck at talking about racism. Most Beautiful Birds, Beautiful Eyes, Baby Boston Terriers, The Distance Between Us, Kitchen Bar Design, Lace Dream Catchers, Pregnancy Problems, Nancy Momoland, Eye Makeup Steps

Black Flight Attendant Gets Into Discussion About Race With White Man On Flight Unaware He’s Airline

She started the conversation when she saw the book he was reading.

If you turn your television on to any news channel, you’ll either hear about the protesting and riots or see live coverage of them. It’s incredibly sad that a relatively small group of people makes it appear as if everyone’s bad. Male Hands, Small Groups, Crying, Channel, Sad, Entertainment, Peace, Shit Happens, Live

Single Mom Cries When Her Car Gets Vandalized While Peacefully Protesting Then Man Hands Her A Check

An angel happened to see her and interfere.

No matter where you’re from in the world, music is a way of bringing people together and uniting them as one. Hilarious, Funny, Love Life, Fun Facts, Fails, Korean, Relationship, Entertaining, Shit Happens

Korean Busking Group Pulls Teenage Musician Out Of Audience For Impromptu Bass Jam Session

The teen didn't expect to join it, but he totally rocks it!

During coronavirus, most of what we hear on the news are negative stories. Even so, any positive stories definitely mean a lot right now. Creating joyous moments even at home, doing what you love, and taking time to appreciate someone else’s achievements can help cheer us up and get us through the day. For example, watch how overjoyed this lady got after receiving a special message from her school principal. Amazing People, Good People, Positive Stories, Valedictorian, To Tell, Cheer, Positivity, Student, Entertainment

Principal Visits Thru Drive-Thru To Tell Student She’s Valedictorian During Quarantine

She showed that even in hard times, it's still possible to spread some joy!

Speeches. Some hate giving them, some need tons of preparation and rehearsals, while some are just really gifted speakers. Now depending on the platform, speeches can either be full of empty promises and lies, others motivational, while the rare few actually engages the crowd. Empty Promises, Maid Of Honor Speech, Hilarious, Funny, Stand Up, Speakers, Crowd, Hate, Comedy

Sister Delivers Hilarious Maid Of Honor Speech

She should do standup comedy

Attending school can be pretty fun, but it can also be quite stressful. This is especially true in college, when every student is faced with a long-term dilemma whether they chose the right path or not.  Some students stood up to sing during their engineering exam and the result is a must-watch video. University Life, University Of Toronto, Engineering Classes, Stages Of Love, Get Gift Cards, College Classes, Borders For Paper, A Classroom, Stand Up

College Engineering Class Stuns Teacher With Hilarious Flash Mob

They all stood up in the middle of class and told their professor what they felt—and it was hilarious!