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pale_moon - This amazing make-up or we can call it art works made by Germany make-up artist Svenja Schmitt better known as PixieCold.

By PixieCold.

Little mermaid makeup-so cool! The artist has a DeviantART account, and she is doing versions of Disney Princesses in makeup. Possible Halloween idea?


Pixie Cold has just started a series of costume makeup that incorporates (dead) insects and beetles.

By PixieCold.

moosefishgoesmoo: “lohrien: “ Eye Art by Svenja Jödicke (PixieCold) ” the third one omg

By PixieCold.

Berlin-based artist Svenja Jödicke creates stunning eye make-up art by using various props and accessories such as feathers, snails, sea stars or colored contact lenses.

By PixieCold.

PixieCold's Eye Makeup - You have probably already been mesmerized by PixieCold’s eye makeup designs. The German artist—who is also known as Svenja Jödicke.