Pork ribs marinade

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steaks and beer are sitting on a cutting board next to a bottle of team
Coca-Cola Marinated Rib Eye Steaks
Coca-Cola Marinated Rib-Eye Steaks. You read that right. Marinate your steaks in Coke! There are all sorts of flavors, so why not?
two bowls with sauces and one bottle of coke on a wooden table
Sweet & Smokey Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce
Coke, ketchup, A-1, onion powder, garlic powder, liquid smoke for Coca Cola BBQ Sauce
the bbq ribs are covered in barbecue sauce
Recipe for Coca Cola BBQ Ribs
This is the ONLY rib recipe you will ever need. These Coca Cola BBQ Ribs are sticky and sweet. Absolute perfection in my book! #grilling #bbqribs #ribrecipe #bbqrecipe via @Flavoritenet
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two plates with ribs covered in bbq sauce and the words cola ribs on them
Oh these are good! Cola Ribs
Oh these are good! Cola Ribs, always so popular with a crowd! Use beef or pork ribs, and grill or oven, you choose. A very nice and easy recipe with great flavors
slow cooker ribs with coca cola
Slow Cooker Coca Cola Ribs are a BBQ Favorite that's easy to make!
Slow Cooker Ribs with Coca-Cola- Make these tasty ribs with Coke in your Crock-Pot. Great for Game Day or for family dinner. Full of great flavor!