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Supporting resources and ideas to help new teachers plan and manage their new classroom and make connections with students and teachers. First year teacher…
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the end of the school year is filled with fun activities
Easy and Fun End of the Year Celebration Ideas for Elementary
Calling all upper elementary teachers! Go and head to the blog for a quick read post with 10 of my favorite and easy to implement super fun ideas to celebrate the end of the school year! Perfect for the last few days or weeks of school to keep students enjoying class and having fun! Click to read today and grab the FREE activities that kids love!
Report Card Help – How Teachers can use Chat GPT to Help Write Reports
Using Chat GPT (or any AI tool) to help teachers write report cards is a little controversial… We have heard of many schools ‘banning’ the use of AI when writing reports – the logic behind that is something we can’t get our heads around. Why not use tools that can make the writing and editing process more streamlined and therefore make more time to do all the other things on a teacher’s never ending to-do list?!
a clipboard with the words unlock 5 teacher well being struggles to help create your world
Unlock 5 Teacher Well-being Strategies To Help You Tackle Your Workload
Feeling overwhelmed with your teaching workload? Get ahead with our tested strategies for teacher well-being. Learn how to pace yourself, let go of the 'busy' culture, set boundaries, be more flexible and redefine productivity.
a pile of school supplies with the words 5 tips for cleaning your classroom before summer
5 Tips to Clean Up and Organize Your Classroom Before Summer Break
Looking for some quick tips to clean up your classroom before leaving for the summer? These 5 tips are a simple and effective way to make your room clean and ready for next year! Click the pin to learn these tips to use TODAY.
the top tips to help new teachers learn how to write and use their writing skills
7 Report Writing Tips to Help NEW Teachers
This comprehensive Guide is loaded with invaluable tips for new teachers facing the daunting task of report writing. From creating a reporting timeline to asking for help and celebrating progress, we've got you covered. Pin it for a quick helpful reference!
several activities to help students learn how to use the numbers in addition and subtraction
Getting Started With Close Reading
Getting started with close reading in your classroom? Learn what close reading is, the benefits of close reading & why students should close read. Learn all about the steps of close reading strategies and find engaging close reading passages. These close reading activities are perfect for 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade & 6th grade. Find digital and print resources to use in the classroom and distance learning.
the end of year must do list for teachers to help them learn their writing skills
End of Year Must Do: Teacher, Student, and Parent Reflections
Teachers, are you looking to get organized and wrap up your school year with reflections? This quick read blog post has great end of year teacher tips for organization, management and reflections. Teacher, student and family reflection freebies are included to help you wrap up your school year in a reflective manner. Click to read and grab your end of the year free printable.
an ipad with the words blended learning on it and three notebooks next to it
Blended Learning 101: Video Training for Teachers
Blended Learning 101 by Samson's Shoppe. Teachers, if you're looking for more information about blended learning and how to combine online learning with classroom learning, this Youtube video training is for you! I'm sharing the knowledge and tools you need to understand what blended learning is and how to find a blended learning structure that works for your upper elementary classroom. Watch the video to learn more! #blendedlearning #teacherresources #backtoschool
a person writing on a piece of paper with the words time management tips for teachers
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Time Management for Teachers
Time management is a vital skill for teachers, yet it's often overlooked. In Part 2 of our series, we uncover the most effective strategies for lesson planning, delegation, and prioritizing tasks. Plus, we share how creating a digital filing system or adopting batching could be a game-changer! Empower yourself with the tools to be more organized and efficient in managing your time.