two elfs are sitting in the bathroom sink
the christmas tree has been decorated with santa and other holiday decorations, including an ornament that says i'm the ghost & christmas
an elf is sitting in the sink with streamers coming out of it and water running from his mouth
an elf is sitting on the counter holding a sign that says i'm so excited to be back i heard my point
an elf sitting on top of a wooden table next to a sign that says, what do you call a reminder with bad manners? rude - oph
an elf laying on the floor next to a cactus
two elf dolls are sitting in the dishwasher
an elf is sitting in a bowl of cereal on the floor next to some writing
an elf is making noodles on the stove
Elf on the shelf ideas Elf Activities
Elf on the shelf just swinging
a house covered in christmas lights at night
2023 Lawrence Kansas Christmas Light Display Tour
an elf is sitting next to two nutcrackers and a sign that says son of a nutcracker
Elf on the Shelf
Son of a nutcracker! LoL