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DR.T*Weight Waggers Org.

Our Weight Waggers headquarters. And our community is growing! Find out lots of interesting subjects and stories about how to keep healthy with your furry friend.
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Weight Waggers - a great story to understand why Kibble and Treats are not good for your dog. #dog #health #food

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Do it for the dog, do it for you - Weight Waggers - Why you should start walking with your dog. #dog #health #walk

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Weight Waggers - walking your dog has many benefits for you too. Check them out on our Wag for You page of our not-for-profit website #dog #walk #health

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Dog walking: A life-long fitness partnership - Weight Waggers #dog #walk #health

Weight Waggers - Check out our Wag Facts, some are funny, some you might already know, but there are plenty of new ones that you might not have even thought about. #dog #fact

Weight Waggers - the benefits of walking for your dog #dog #walk #health

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