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Koi fishes🥹
Acrylic on canvas
two orange koi fish swimming in a pond with blue sky and clouds behind them
fish tank accessories fish tank decorations fish tank ideas fish tank themes fish aesthetic fishing
a painting of a pink and white snake
Satisfying tape peeling video
a cartoon character is sitting on top of an open book with pearls around it's edges
Cute Doraemon acrylic painting
a painting of two teddy bears sitting next to each other in front of a bush
a hand holding up a playing card with hearts in the sky and two bananas on it
a hand holding up a small card with a drawing of a mouse eating a strawberry
"Enchanted Forest Chronicles"
Innovation Artistic Vision Interpretation Skill Originality Expressionism Experimentation Artistic Identity Craftsmanship Design Elements Visual Harmony Palette Selection Conceptual Depth Handcrafted Imaginative Visual Communication Artistic Exploration Artistic Mediums Interpretive Art Creative Journey Visual Impact Creative Embellishments Craft Techniques Artistic Techniques Composition Rules
the different colors of paint are arranged on a white surface with numbers and words below them