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an anime story page with two different scenes, one is being hugged by the other
new piercing | satosugu #五夏 🤍🖤 by @Owwllly
#satosugu #五夏 #jujutsukaisen #jjk #gojosatoru #getosuguru #fanart #gogeweek2024
an image of two comics that are very funny
SatoSugu | OwwlllY Twitter ☆
▻ geto stole satoru's chair ❥ #呪術廻戦 #JujutsuKaisen
two comics with one being kissing the other while another has his hand on his face
⚘ ⦂ GOJO & GETO ☆
gojo and geto | from #jujutsukaisen ! by Skar_1004 - twitter
a man in uniform hugging a dog with his mouth open and teeth wide open,
"Characters' Names: The Power of Identity"
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an anime character with the caption i wonder if he ever hears taratsui interact and starts rolling his eyes like oh here go the rome and
“you can start by saving me” oh i just know he was slinging slurs😭
an anime character with black hair and piercings on his face, wearing a scarf
Choso, an art print by sberrymango - INPRNT
some anime characters with different expressions on their faces and the caption reads, i like my men feral
Jujutsu Kaisen Anime 2023 Gojo SATORU sensei Geto SUGURU Yuuji Nobara my hero academia anime otaku a
an image of some anime characters with their faces in different colors and font on them
It's always Choso simping hours in my soul
two people in kimonos one is talking and the other is saying what they are doing
Sukuna and Uraume