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Iulia Theodora

Iulia Theodora
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He reminds me of an anime character I created

Anime Quotes Not sure what this is from, but I completely understand it. Makes my heart ache for the days when we were still best friends.

funny creepypasta - Google Search

Laughing jack (I'm a proxy of laughing jack)

It hurts ppl if you dont tell them,its like killing them mentally

this pin relates to me, not because a guy left me but because my best friend just stopped talking to me


* Remember * Not everyone deserves to know the real you. Let them criticize who they THINK you are.

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Seriously feeling this right now! Haha especially getting deleted.

Cute Romantic Love Quotes For Him & Her

Cute Romantic Love Quotes For Him & Her Waiting for this reality

Awesome pikachu

Too adorable aww pikachu, pokemon

I think I would like to be called that as well ^^

I think I would like to be called that as well ^^<<yup you know us mentally hilarious people love to be mentally hilarious--the undertaker is literally one of my fav characters.

Sakura: No Sebastian... Samantha can get all the men and maybe some females too XD Samantha: =///= ACHOO! Sebastian: Here's your soup... -_-

For my Sebastian fan-Grell's Lol

I have to stop letting people see this person they just don't quite understand him

A deep question.a very important one.cuz no one else knows who you really are.