Unplugged Computer Science at Homeschool

Unplugged coding activities for kids at homeschool! Unplugged computer science activies will keep your homeschool student away from the screens while they learn…
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Unlock Writing Success: IEW's Structure and Style! 📝💡
In today's world, strong writing skills are more crucial than ever. Traditional curricula often fall short, leaving students ill-prepared for academic and professional success. That's why comprehensive and engaging writing curricula are essential. Discover the power of a holistic approach to writing with the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). 🌟✍️ Their Structure and Style method equips students with the necessary tools to write effectively, focusing on clarity, structure, and style.
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Unlock Promising Careers with Bruce Cloney's Automatic Door Technician Program! 🔑🚪
Discover an alternative to college that leads to fulfilling and well-paid careers! 🌟 If your teen is seeking a vocational option with excellent job prospects, look no further than Bruce Cloney's Automatic Door Technician program. 🛠️💼 This program goes beyond traditional education, preparing students for rewarding careers as automatic door technicians while offering apprenticeships and on-the-job training opportunities. Perfect for high schoolers and beyond, it equips students with the knowled
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Unlock the Power of Writing with IEW's Enriching Tools! 🖋️✨
Discover a world of writing enrichment with Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) tools! 🌟✍️ Whether you're a seasoned IEW user or new to their curriculum, prepare to be amazed by their versatile lineup of resources. From A Word Write Now to Fix It! Grammar and everything in between, IEW offers a treasure trove of writing gems that enhance your children's writing experience. 🎉💡 Explore their comprehensive and engaging tools to support good writing habits and unlock your child's writing po
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Discover Engaging Science Classes for Non-STEM Paths! 🌱🔬
Looking for science classes that prepare your child for life beyond STEM? Look no further! Greg Landry Homeschool Science offers accessible and engaging classes tailored for students who don't follow a traditional STEM or college path. 🚀✨ Explore their unique curriculum that caters to science-impaired students, making learning a breeze. Plus, enjoy interactive online labs that bring science to life! 🧪🔍 Learn more about this innovative program, perfect for students with diverse interests.
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Ignite Your Child's Curiosity with Inventor Adventures! 🚀
Discover a captivating online unit study from Techie Homeschool Mom that takes your child on a thrilling journey into the world of inventors! 🔍🌍 Uncover the fascinating lives and groundbreaking inventions of inventors like never before. Perfect for curious kids and time-starved parents alike! Click through to explore this incredible learning experience.
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Engineering and Technology Activities for Kids
Engineering and Technology Activities for Kids
two screens showing different activities for children to play in the sand and on the ground
Coding Activities OFFLINE
some sort of activity for children to do with their own hands on the white surface
Themed Coding Worksheets for Kindergarten and Primary Students
Students as young as 5 years old can already learn the basic concepts of coding! These kindergarten coding worksheets will help your students learn to code without a computer.
the inventt an app printable worksheets
Invent an App! An Unplugged Coding Activity for Kids
Have you always wanted to invent your own app? These fun OFFLINE worksheets will help your students think about the fundamentals of app design without using a computer. Our printable worksheets are perfect for the classroom.
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Learn to Code Unplugged with Hotwheels
For Hotwheels lovers, this is another super fun grid-based offline coding activity. In this activity we will focus on the concepts of algorithm, sequence and debugging. This easy activity takes less than 5 minutes to set up.
a young boy standing in the dark with glowing circles around him
Kids coding: Cause and Effect Activity in the Dark!
In this fun glow in the dark activiy, kids will learn about 'if/then conditional statements'. Conditional statements are an important part of computer programming, and this activity will get your kids familiar with the basic concept. You only need a few glow in the dark items for this very simple coding activity.
two pictures side by side, one with different colored blocks and the other with writing on it
Teach Your Kids to Code with Magnetic Tiles
Magnetic tiles are one of the best new toys around. The creative possibilitie are endless with these fun building toys. Magnetic tiles can also be used to help kids learn to code! In this grid-based activity students will learn all about algorithms and debugging .
a woman standing next to a little boy holding a baseball bat in front of a truck
Super Silly Screen Free Coding Activity with Chalk
This silly coding activity is so much fun! Kids will learn the basics of sequencing and algorithsm while getting a chance to get their friends wet. We used water guns to add fun to this outdoor coding activity. This is one of our most popular unplugged coding activities!
two pictures side by side, one with pink squares and the other with toys on it
Coding Card Game: Learn to Code with a Deck of Cards!
One of the easiest ways to get started learning about coding is with a simple deck of cards. Using a grid, students will learn all about sequences, algorithms and debugging in this fun coding activity. This activity takes only two minutes to prep and is perfect for kids age 4 and up. Read about how to get kids started in the full article below!
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Egg carton unplugged coding activity!
Egg carton unplugged coding activity!
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Games for coding offline
a video screen with the words easy land offline and some paper cut out on it
Offline coding games for kids
Fun games to play offline and learn coding skills
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Computer Science Unplugged Channel
Lots of ideas for offline computer science learning
the first 3 cooking lessons to teach children how to cook and use them as an interactive learning tool
The First 3 Coding Lessons You Need to Teach Kids
green arrows pointing in different directions on a gray surface
Coding Unplugged: My Robotic Friends Activity - Perkins School for the Blind
Stacking Cups activity
Engineering and Technology Activities for Kids
Engineering and Technology Activities for Kids
Engineering and Technology Activities for Kids
a box filled with lots of legos sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a pile of colored pencils
Coding a LEGO Maze
LEGO Maze Ready for Coding