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Launcher Theme Concepts

We've worked with several big companies to create beautiful themes for their keyboard apps.
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Have you ever had a such a beautiful #dream that you didn’t want to wake up? That is the exact feeling that this Dream Land Theme will give you. Step into the magic land of dreams by customizing your #gadget with this lovely #theme.

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If you love simplicity and attractive #themes then Smart Launcher Nature HD theme is the app you need to install on your #mobile. Nature will invade your gadget and make your #icons look brilliant and so #eco!

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#robot #technology

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We know you like to have everything so majestic and awesome and that's why you should get as soon as possible the new Solo Launcher Crystal #Theme on your #device and enjoy it!

Indulge your craving for something #sweet with this delicious Solo Launcher Candy #theme. Customize your #gadget with this theme and it will look cuter than ever.

This Deep Sea Launcher theme will make you wonder about the beauty of the #sea and how majestic and beautiful is the sea if you go #deep to explore the abyss through this launcher #theme.

The Smart Launcher Techno #theme is a fun and easy way to customize your #smartphone and make it look the way you want it to. Stand out in any crowd, show off your personality and make the perfect choice for you.

Try this amazing Solo Launcher Summer theme.

Explore the beauty of a life full of #colors and optimism and let your spirit invade your soul with this Colors #theme..

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If you are a fan of the fascinating #steampunk subculture accessorize your #gadgets with this amazing brand new Steampunk theme.