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an open door leading to a bathroom with wooden floors
the door is made out of wood and has black hardware on it's sides
TheDancingWoodman on Instagram: "Our Archer sliding barn door gives us all the farmhouse style feels. . Made from locally sourced reclaimed timber including the handle, the Archer barn door gives the ideal rustic farmhouse look. ."
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a wall mounted planter and potted plants
TheDancingWoodman on Instagram: "Our doors make great statements in any room of the house. . The Lytham sliding door finished in @osmo_uk Amber here makes a great dining/living room divide. . 🕺🏼"
an open wooden door with a black speaker on the wall above it and a light fixture hanging from the ceiling
TheDancingWoodman on Instagram: "Set of Lytham doors used on an existing rail system from a customer in France. . Doors finished in @osmo_uk Amber and made from our locally sourced reclaimed timber. International shipping available. . 🕺🏼"
a living room with a large plant in the corner and a wooden door on the wall
TheDancingWoodman on Instagram: "Light, leafy vibes featuring our Lytham door at the beautiful home of @suzydaconceicaosilva in Marseilles . Our Lytham sliding door featured here in the clear finish. . See more at and 🕺🏼"
an empty room with a sliding door and wood flooring on one side, two black metal handles on the other
TheDancingWoodman on Instagram: "Our Lytham door proudly in the home of @renovating_romney_road . Door featured in our clear finish . 🕺🏼"
an open sliding door in a living room
TheDancingWoodman on Instagram: "Great picture of a set of customised double Lytham sliding doors in a customers home. . Door featured here in our Dark Oak finish. . 🕺🏼"
an open door leading to a bathroom with a walk in shower
TheDancingWoodman on Instagram: "The Dancing Doorman. . The Lytham sliding door has been our fastest best seller since we began! . We have shipped our doors to over 7 different countries across the globe as well as the UK. We are so pleased that you all love them as much we do. . Thank you all the love for our doors and for your support, it really means so much for our business. . See more at and 🕺🏼"
a bookshelf filled with lots of books next to a wooden door in a room
TheDancingWoodman on Instagram: "The Lytham sliding door was our best selling product of 2022, and it’s easy to see why when it looks so good in customer homes! . Finished here in @osmo_uk Dark Oak. . See more at and 🕺🏼"
an open wooden door in a bathroom next to a white dresser and mirror on the wall
TheDancingWoodman on Instagram: "Happy new year to all of our followers! Thank you for all the support you have given us this last year. We are very excited for 2023 and the future! . Customer pics are our fave thing to receive. Heres a great one of our Lytham sliding door. . Door featured here is in the clear finish and on a 6ft rail. . 🕺🏼"