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ADHD and Acceptance

0:00When we get a diagnosis of a thing, yeah, great. Now I know exactly what’s going on. I can get medication and get a coach, and then I can be fixed. And then I can be more like everyone el…

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Need for Approval & ADHD

0:40Hey there, you’re listening to the ADHD Good Life podcast. Each week, we explore stories, ideas, or topics around neurodiversity from an intersectional lens, and the personal growth strat…

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Time Blindness ADHD

My feelings about my time management and ADHD are far more intricate for me than I ever let myself realise. It’s only in writing this that I see what makes it difficult isn’t so much being late or not using my time wisely (both of which happen even with medication and coaching), but the feelings I’m avoiding or attempting to deal with also impact how I look at time. I’m on time most of the time because I’m afraid of the consequences for being late. I’m late because I’m avoiding boredom…

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Sensory Sensitivities ADHD ASD

0:00 Once I embraced my own labels, categories and identifications, I mean truly embraced them, and got my family, friends and colleagues on board. I almost didn't need them anymore. Once I learned about them, I adjusted, we all adjusted. And now I have a thriving life, meltdowns in all. 0:17 Hey there, you're listening to the ADHD Good Life Podcast. Each week, we explore stories, ideas, or topics around neurodiversity from an intersectional lens, and the personal growth strategies we…

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ADHD Podcast: Self Worth

Unknown Speaker 0:00I still remember my first day of kindergarten, I'm walking in with my white mom. And I look around, and there is not a single person that looks like me. And my family looks different from everyone else's. And I can still remember from that point, that difference was not okay. And at four or five years old, I've made my mom go home, I spent the rest of the day on my first day of kindergarten by myself. Unknown Speaker 0:34Hey there, you're listening to the ADHD Good Life…

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ADHD Podcast: Unravelling the Narratives

Transcript: Unraveling the Narratives Speaker 1: 00:00 All of our stories are being interpreted by white males who run the system so they can decide what works in our system and what doesn't. And so I really wanted to start learning what I need to know about myself because if I'm following what you know society has put in place for me to feel better and be at my best, that all I'm trying to do is mold myself again into what works best for society when we know when I know it hasn't…

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ADHD Social anxiety

Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash Even with a diagnosis and medication and coaching and becoming more aware of who I am and understanding more of what matters to me, making friends (and maintaining friendships) is still a huge challenge. But what I’m learning in my very, very, very tiny babysteps towards making connections with others, is I am very, very, very cautious about who gets close to me. This is most likely because of the trauma I had growing up. But I also think it’s that…

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ADHD Adult Late Diagnosis

Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash I’m reflecting... ADHD comes with a lot of loss. I often think the longer we live without knowing, the deeper these losses feel. Maybe it’s all the time lost where we could have been living at our potential, but it feels like it’s been ripped away from us without us even knowing we were entitled to it. It can become quite easy to stay stuck in that feeling of loss as it turns to anger, but finally the time comes where we can look at what is possible…

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ADHD Flare Up Help

Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash When I’m on a downward spiral with my ADHD, everything feels overwhelming. I can’t usually predict when it will happen very well, but I know that there are certain events in my life, certain times of the month (where my anxiety rises at the very least) and when I’m not being as careful on my ADHD management that can impact how I respond or when I’m more likely to have more frequent flare ups (however, like everything with ADHD, it’s consistently…

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ADHD Adults Diagnosis

Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash It’s not easy to navigate this ADHD stuff. I still have a long way to go, but I have lived more of my life on my terms since my diagnosis, than I ever have prior to it. It’s not even like I’ve had a particularly awful go at life so far (although it’s not always been easy), but it has never really felt like my life. I’m not sure how I can best describe it, but it’s the difference between hoping that I’m doing the right thing or the acceptable thing because…