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Decorează-ți grădina cu turbina eoliană Kalolia™ Turbina eoliană Kalolia™ este o piesă unică de artă. Va face grădina ta mai frumoasă și va opri vecinii pe loc când trec pe lângă casa ta. Mișcarea elicelor sale în briza vântului oferă un efect hipnotizant și ireal. Cu siguranță va uimi pe toți cei dragi!O decorație unică Elicile sunt proiectate să se rotească în direcții diferite pentru a crea acest efect fascinant.
two pictures of the same bowl with paintbrushes in it, and one has been made out of porcelain
Ceramic stump amd mushroom painting pallet
two pictures of a potted plant on top of a wooden table next to a plastic container with succulents in it
there are many pictures of different things made out of plastic bottles and paper machs
Recycling Some Plastic Bottles Into A Fairy House Lamp
a tree made out of various colored discs on a white surface with a rock underneath it
Med cap tree I made for our infusion room :) (made from medication vial caps, hot glue, and wire)
a cardboard car made to look like it is driving
a wooden toy car with red wheels on a white surface, attached to a yellow cord
How To Make a Mini Latch Rubber Band Car - DIY TOYS CAR
three colorful vases with flowers on them are lined up against a wood paneled wall
How to Recycle Plastic Bottles for Bird Feeders, Creative Ideas for Recycled Crafts
recycled crafts for kids and adults, handmade bird feeders recycling plastic bottles #recyclingprojects
a stuffed turtle sitting on top of a white bed sheet covered in green and brown stuff
Needle felted Turtle soft sculpture by YvonnesWorkshop on Etsy | Turtles and such | Felt turtle, Needle felting, Felt
Needle felted Turtle soft sculpture by YvonnesWorkshop