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Lilith's Brethren by WolfSkullJack

I want a tattoo similar to this, at least element wise, but I want the wolf to be a fox and the skull to be a specific female anime character I love.

Ashley Love, "no means no" tattoo.

ohashleylove: A Love No matter how cute it is, or how sweet… The meaning is the same. Sexual assault is not something that should be ignored or excused. So stop excusing i

seasonal moons. Maybe get it in a loved ones birth month, because mine is kinda boring.

seasonal moon symbols and meanings -- tattoo idea, definitely. you could get the one from your birth month, or whichever one has meaning to you.

20 Excellent Blackwork Tattoos By Fredao Oliveira

A skull and wolf themed sleeve tattoo. You can see the human skull being used as a hat by the angry looking wolf. The tattoo looks well done and fearless and definitely not for the weak of will.