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a sign that says i ran into a glass door and think i might have a causaian
an ad for turkey's assole with a cartoon mouse holding a lollipop
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Haha xD that sucks Funny Fails, Funny Posts, I Laughed
Haha xD that sucks
a girl walking down the street with her back to the camera and texting i don't get why couples put single in their bio after an argument
Credits to the real owners
a doll with blue hair that says me admires my body before showering
#whisper #whispergirlie #mine #blueberrymuffin
a woman sitting on the beach with her arms in the air
I have bad face day today 🕺
a girl with red hair pointing at the camera and texting will i finish school or will
Not mine
a girl with blonde hair is looking at the camera and texting me staring at a text i have no idea how to respond to respond to