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an open book with many different items inside
DIY...Let's Make An Accordian Letter!!
an open card with some pictures on the front and back, along with other cards
Triptych Bi-Fold Pen Pal Letter: Simon Says Stamp Love of Plants Challenge
Created by Michelle for the Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge (For the Love of Plants)
several pieces of paper are laid out on a table
the inside of a binder with lots of paper and stickers attached to it
DIY Letter w/ Pockets (TUTORIAL)
there are many different pieces of paper on the table
Snail Mail Ideas
Snail Mail Ideas
three envelopes with different types of paper on them, one is pink and the other is brown
Post voor Jen/usa Maart 2016
an assortment of papers and stickers on top of each other
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two pieces of craft paper with butterflies on them
several pieces of paper with pictures and words on them