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And people have the nerve to criticize Trump for not being involved in politics like Hillary! Where did Obama come from? Meryl Streep, Barack Obama, Obama Lies, Louisiana, Moslem, Thing 1, Conservative Politics, Our President, Way Of Life

I honestly don't know what to say about this. Horseshit and brainwashed masses comes to mind but I don't feel that those words are strong enough to convey the level of ignorance people who believe any of this are suffering from.

President Barack Obama has seemed to age significant during his two terms in office. Now, rumors indicate that Obama may be fighting some health problems. In December, Obama was hospitalized. Are You Serious, Trust, Thing 1, Obama Administration, God Bless America, We The People, Scandal, Wake Up, In This World

Two Scandals Nobody is Talking About

Two Scandals Nobody is Talking About ~ As you know, the whole nation is currently enraptured by three scandals – the Benghazi, IRS and DOJ/AP scandals. But what most people don’t realize is that there are two more scandals that haven’t fully come to light yet. Believe me, we’re on the verge of witnessing the greatest number of scandals ever seen in Washington – both at one period in time, and over the course of one presidency....

we all say "I wish I'd written this!", for if we do not, we have our heads in the sand and/or are living in fear from all this creature is doing to OUR country. obama is no ordinary weakling. Letter To The Editor, Our Country, It Goes On, We The People, Wake Up, Presidents, Wisdom, Let It Be, Lettering

Account Suspended


Barack Obama and his Hatred for the Constitution - Freedom Outpost Occidental College, Nct, Moslem, Yet To Come, New World Order, Deep, God Bless America, Constitution, Barack Obama

Is Obama Getting Ready To Seize Power?

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Aaron Dykes Activist Post The political world is swarming over revelations that Hillary Clinton hid her emails during her time as Secretary of State. Crooked Hillary, Muslim Brotherhood, Clinton Foundation, Payday Loans, Current Events, Wake Up, Prison, Obama, Presidents

State Dept. "Missing" $6 Billion Under Secretary Hillary Clinton

(Truthstream The latest news in government fraud and waste points to an odd if not suspicious lapse of five years of the Obama Administration's St...

Arrest Barack Obama for Treason. Thing 1, Our Country, Barack Obama, We The People, In This World, Shit Happens, Sayings, American, Words


“Arrest him for treason”

Published on Feb 2015 James Clapper completely contradicts John Kerry's testimony less than 24 hours ago. Do these people have any idea what they're doing? Clapper: 2014 Saw Most Terrorist Attacks in 45 Years Police Love, British National, The Enemy Within, Smoke And Mirrors, 45 Years, Our Country, Foreign Policy, Political News


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FCC Commissioner Shows Cover Of “Net Neutrality” Regulations And That’s All The Public Gets To See Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, Police Love, Minority Report, Net Neutrality, Hollywood, Freedom Of Speech, Barack Obama, Current Events, In This World

Obama's regs will make Internet slow as in Europe, warn FCC, FEC commissioners

As the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Election Commission toy with regulating aspects of the Internet, critics on those agencies are warning that speed and freedom of speech are in jeopardy.

“The President’s unilateral executive action suspending the nation’s immigration laws for roughly five million illegal aliens has received its first judicial test, and it has fail… Stand Up America, Executive Action, The Enemy Within, Immigration Reform, Illegal Aliens, Land Of The Free, Constitution, Barack Obama, Current Events

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“The President’s unilateral executive action suspending the nation’s immigration laws for roughly five million illegal aliens has received its first judicial test, and it has fail…