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Věnec na dveře: DIY inspirace na tvoření, dekorace na zeď │ Kreativní Techniky
an ornament made to look like a tassel
Мартеничка за закичване с калинка
several small pieces of art made out of burlap and string with flowers on them
two red and white ornaments are hanging on a piece of burlocked fabric
мартеница пано
red and white tags with flowers on them are hanging from string, along with twine
martisoare – Martisoare handmade
a wreath made out of burlocks with candy and candies
Фото 852813922808 из альбома подковки. Смотрите в группе кофейные вытворялки в ОК
three handmade christmas cards with houses and hearts hanging from them on twine strings
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Căsuțe cu suflet și dor în pridvor
a piece of burlap with two mice on it and some candy canes
Мартеници - Вълна - Пано
three straw hats with flowers on them sitting on top of each other and tied to twine
Mărțișoare tradiționale
a red and white knitted christmas ornament hanging from a string on the floor
Мартеница "Цветна подкова" - Martenitsa. Baba Marta. 1st March
an old fashioned doll hanging from a rope on a wooden wall with two buckets attached to it
Кукла «БогАтушка» - для богатства, прибыли, достатка, обеспеченности, благопол. жизни, безбедного существования. Это кукла с коромыслом и вёдрами. При изготовлении этой куклы проговариваются пожелания на богатство и прибыль. Внутрь вёдер прячутся монетки.
a red ball of yarn next to a card with two pom - poms
two wooden spoons decorated with candy canes and peppermint decorations on a white carpet
мартеница bulgarian traditional holiday 1st of march martenitsa