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And then my soul saw you and it kind of went oh there you are I've been looking for you

Black Lab

You two adopt a puppy Louis: (Black Lab) “Baby, look at him! He’s precious! He smirks and takes a look at the tiny black lab as it wags it’s tail at you two.

DIY: kool-aid & protein ombre dip-dye hair tutorial

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This little buddy hasn't seen a camera before

Chow chow dogs originated from mainland China, this dog earned the nickname the Lion Dog because its shape is similar to the male lion. It is estimated that this dog has been there since the year 150 BC, the palace is used as guard dogs and hunting friend

street art + nature

JANA and JS Oak Oak Unknown Unknown Pao Pao Unknown Aakash Nihalani Unknown Ernest Zacharevic Nuxuno Xän Unknown Unknown Natalia Rak Banksy Banksy Oak Oa

Dip dye

I love the idea of colored hair but haven't been able to find a way that works how I want it with my long hair. This is gorgeous! Beautiful dip dye with brown hair.