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Maps, Russia, Carte du Kamtchatka

"Carte du Kamtchatka" (Kamchatka) Copper etching by Laurent. Published by by Jacques-Nicolas Bellin in his "Petit Atlas". Paris 1764. Very good recent hand coloring. Map shows in detail the Kamchatka peninsula together with the northernmost Kuril islands with both, their Russian and their Japanese names. Map is in very

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Orientaprecios de Mapas contemporáneos. Vendido en Subasta: Antiguo mapa y plano de la coruña (c. 1925). Lote 27048554

Detail of the Carta marina, by Olaus Magnus. The caption reads: "A Marine map and Description of the Northern Lands and of their Marvels, most carefully drawn up at Venice in the year 1539 through the. Compass Rose, Map Design, Vintage Maps, Book Cover Art, Girl Dancing, Illuminated Manuscript, Old And New, Antiques, Illustration

Illuminated Maritime Maps — Designs by Katy Rosenthal

An inspiration behind The 'Compass Rose' Scarf.

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Maps, Italy, Latium, Ortelius

Latium Ortelius "Latium. Ex Conatibus Geographicis Abrah. Otelii Antverp." The province of Lazio with Rome and its surrounding in Roman times. Copper etching with very attractive hand coloring. This map was published in "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" in the "Parergon" Antwerp, 1595 Three ornamental cartouches: Title, Dedica

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Maps, Romania, Ortelius

"Romaniae, (quae olim Thracia dicta) Vicinarumque Regionum, Uti Bulgariae, Walachiae, Syrfiae, etc. Descriptio. Auctore Iacobo Castaldo MDLXXXIIII" One of the most beautiful maps in the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. A Renaissance cartouche of size and beauty! Type of print: Copper etching Color: Exquisite hand coloring Arti

1900 RARE Antique LONDON MAP Vintage Map of London England Wall Art Gift for Anniversary Birthday Wedding Honeymoon 9815 by plaindealing on Etsy Street Map Of London, London Wall, London City, England Map, London England, World Map Decor, City Drawing, City Painting, City Wallpaper

1898 RARE Antique LONDON City MAP Street Map of London England Wall Art Gift for Anniversary Birthday Wedding Honeymoon 11000

ANTIQUE LONDON ENGLAND CITY STREET MAP Original, not reproduction, vintage map of London, England. Carefully removed from an antique atlas. The map measures approximately 12 by 20 inches. The map is in very good condition. It was too large for my scanner so I had to scan it as two separate images,

Map of Denmark from the Atlas “Theatrum orbis terrarum” Denmark Map, The Atlas, Orbis, Vintage Maps, Planer, Printmaking, Illustration, Prints, Maps

Map of Denmark from the Atlas “Theatrum orbis terrarum”

The Flemish scholar and geographer Abraham Ortelius (1527–98) published the first edition of his Theatrum orbis terrarum (Theater of the world) in 1570. Containing 53 maps, each with a detailed commentary, it is considered the first true atlas in the modern sense: a collection of uniform map sheets and accompanying text bound to form a book for which copper printing plates were specifically engraved. The 1570 edition was followed by editions in Latin, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish, with…

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Maps, Greece, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, islands in the Ionian Sea, Kerkyra, Paxi, Lefkada, Kefallonia, Ithaki, Zakynthos

"Creta Iovis magni, medio iacet insula ponto" Hand-colored copper etching from the Atlas: "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" by Abraham Ortelius. This historic map of the island Crete was publsihed in Antwerp, 1584 Map shows also as insets: Corsica, Sardinia and a group of islands in the Ionian Sea: Kerkyra, Paxi, Lefkada, Kefa

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Maps, Russia, Kamchatka Peninsula, Kuril Islands, northern Japan

"Carte des Isles Kouriles d'apres la Carte Russe.". Copper engraving by Laurent for Bellin ca 1760. Fine, recent hand coloring. In the upper right ispart of the Kamchatka Peninsula with the Kuril Islands below. Southwest of the Kurils are the islands northern Japan. In the upper left is part of Sakhalin and the mouth o

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Maps, Italy, Ischia, Bleau

"Ischia Isola, olim Ænaria". Copper etching by Iulius Iasolinus for Johann and Cornelius Blaeu , ca 1640. Original hand coloring. This very decorative map of Ischia is northwest-oriented. Notice the interesting topographical details. Historical sailing vessels sail in the Canale di Procida. The promontory at the bottom

Relief shown pictorially. Shows California as an island. Appears in the author's Atlante veneto, Includes notes and illustrations. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. LC copy folded, with hinges for binding. Vintage Maps, Antique Maps, Antique Prints, Rare Antique, North America Map, United States Map, Maputo, Atlanta, The Unit

Maps, North America, Coronelli

Map of North America by Coronelli with California as an Island. Copper-engraved map, on two joined sheets.