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Adorable animals - My Garden

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lsleofskye: “ Sandbank, Ontario ” More

Amazing shot from the Sandbank Firelight Lantern Festival in Ontario Canada. A unique celebration pictured here by

Excellent balancing act! Supermoon over the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. November 13, 2016

Excellent balancing act! Supermoon over the Gateway Arch, St.

Schiff / Ship - Mond / Moon

Windjammer: ~ "Captain Taggerrun," by skeelar, at deviantART. "Out of the South it was the White Ship used to come when the moon was full and high in the heavens. Lovecraft, "The White Ship.

Amazing Snaps: Bosphorus Bridge, the Bridge that belongs  to Two Continents

We'll cross The Bosphorus Bridge, from Asia to Europe, at the start of the Istanbul Marathon. The bridge is m ft) long with a deck width of 39 m ft). The distance between the towers (main span) is m ft) and their height over road level is 105 m ft).