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That smile is my life

Me and my friend that's a Belieber were at the mall and we came across this shop that literally had tons of stuff Justin wears all the time, like that hat and his shoes. We freaked!

No, more like the blood in my veins that keeps me going.

A girl went to Justin Bieber's concert, and after… She got raped. She was crying in the street for 3 days, all she had was 1O dollars, couldn’t find her way hom  e, her parents thought she was in a hotel. They went looking for her, the girl f...   inally found a way home.The story went out on twitter & Justin met her and she told him the story and they cried together. They also went to dinner together and Justin is paying psychological support.   I'm not a fan, but he gained my respect.

Justin deserves credit hes sweet as can be he heard this girls story and he cried with her so back the fuck off!

Win tickets to see Justin Bieber at Joe Louis Arena | Contests  - Home

Europe's favorite cosmetic brand, essence and WDIV are calling all Beliebers for the chance to win tickets and a meet-and-greet .

http://progresslightingparts.com/seagull-lighting/ Justin Bieber  #home #lighting #decor #interiordesign

http://progresslightingparts.com/seagull-lighting/ Justin Bieber #home #lighting #decor #interiordesign