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The best time to go to sleep might be earlier than you think... | Fit Bottomed Girls

Publisher Fit Bottomed Girls - Improve you sleep and rest - You can achieve this by changing the time you go to bed.

Body Wisdom - Emotional Release Points Front

Body Wisdom - Emotional Release Points Front "I thought this was interesting, since a lot of these emotional release points are where I experience the different emotions.

best of the web: DIY indoor herb garden ideas

It is no secret that herbs can add cool flavors to your food. You need to understand the basics about herbs to use the right ones in your foods. This cheat sheet by illustrated bites shows you how to deal with herbs when preparing your food:

Los órganos de tu cuerpo tienen sus tactos sensoriales en la parte inferior de su pie, y si usted masajear estos puntos encontrarás alivio de dolores y molestias.

Two Smiling Feet in Seattle is amazing for reflexology. The organs of your body have their sensory touches at the bottom of your foot; if you massage these points you will find relief from aches and pains. I use this as a resource with essential oils.

hanging eucalyptus in shower

It may sound strange to place a plant in your shower, but this trick may have you feeling stress-free. Hang eucalyptus nearby your shower, or purchase some eucalyptus oil drops to bring clarity to your day.