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Nunca vi verdade mais pura

i have met Kevin more times than i can count lol

One Direction


I still havent seen them in concert

yes...just yes.

Yuppp me every day all day

I'm laughing way too hard at this

I'm laughing way too hard at this

Funny, One Direction, Lego

I write like Harry. I think it's meant to be..

I no longer feel bad about my writing ^~^ unless I'm comparing it to Harry's. His is pretty.

Jingle Bell by Emma-M-1D

One Direction Case hahahha I still kinda like jb just a lill

1D3D Movie! :D ahh! Soo excited! Can't wait til August!

Brudders LLN my boy I miss u a lot 4 days till day in South Africa 6 years of being their girls them being our boys we are a family a world wide family and I love my family Abundantly #

Lol. Yes. This sounds like something Louis would say (if he were a fan instead of a band member).

HAHA 😅😍 I actually bought the album to listen to their faces unleash the sounds of heaven