Simina Mãdãlina Chiriac

Simina Mãdãlina Chiriac

Simina Mãdãlina Chiriac
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Messy Bun Woodland Hats...Crochet - Teen-Adult Size....

"Who said Woodland critters were just for kids? Here's my free pattern for the Messy Bun/Ponytail - Woodland Hat. I used one pattern to easily makes three designs - a fox, a wolf and an owl. More animals could easily be adapted using this pattern.

Shaping Crochet Bustier Cups (CORRECTED): 1- Calculate Nr of stitches from middle of chest to desired height of cup; say it will be 42/48/54 sts. ~~ 2- On half that number (21/24/27 sts) crochet dc's, and do 7/8/9 rows until you have a perfect square. ~~ 3- Then on 2 sides of the square crochet double of the starting number of stitches, ie 42/48/54 sts, and do another 7/8/9 dc rows. ~~ The seam is shown in red on the photo. ~~

Shaping Crochet Bust Cups: Calculate the number of loops from the middle of the chest to the desired height of the cup;


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