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Catalin Ciobanu

Catalin Ciobanu
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The most beautiful Breitling I've ever seen.

Very scarce Breitling with split second movement. When pressing the stop button on the chronograph only on hands stops. Press start again and that hand catches up with the one that did not stop. Thus enable you to measure 2 time periods simult

Most inspirational quote ever read

This is the most inspirational quote.-If Internet Explorer can be brave enough to ask you to set him as your default browser, please don’t tell me you can’t dare to ask a girl out.

Men will understand...

The noisy, the busy, the curious, the multitasker. find out about all the types of people you can find in public urinals. A cartoon by C-Section Comics.

Shinola Launches “Great Americans Series” With Wright Brothers Limited Edition Watch & Bicycle

Shinola Launches "Great Americans Series" With Wright Brothers Limited Edition Watch & Bicycle Watch Releases

No, borrowing implies that tomorrow gets its happiness back. It's more like stealing.