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Mercury Retrograde Dos and Don'ts Mercury Retrograde 2023, Buck Moon, Astrology 101, What Is Spirituality, Feminine Spirituality, English Club, Astrology Planets, Full Blue, Spiritual Things
Mercury Retrograde: Dos and Don'ts
Visit to learn more about the dos and don'ts of Mercury Retrograde. #mercuryretrograde #mrx
Mercury Retrograde: 5 Love Tips Mercury Aesthetic, Witch Board, Angel Number Meanings, We Are All Connected, Astrological Signs, Number Meanings, Astrology Chart, Mercury Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde: 5 Love Tips
Learn more about how to manage YOUR love life during Mercury Retrograde... #mercuryretrograde #mercuryrx #lovetips #love #dating #relationships
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Your November Monthly Horoscope...
Mercury, Mars, and Neptune will all station direct, then we'll climactically conclude November with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini! What does the second to last month of 2020 have in store for YOU? Find out now with your zodiac sign's ✨ Monthly Horoscope...
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Venus in Libra: 10/27-11/21/2020
Venus and Libra were made for each other. In fact, Venus rules two zodiac signs: one of them is Taurus and the other is, of course, Libra. But while Taurus brings out the money-oriented side of Venus, Venus in Libra is all about love! Learn more about this cooperative, loving, and balanced transit...
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Your Scorpio Season Horoscope...
Reveal how YOU could undergo a deep transformation while the Sun is in Scorpio with your Zodiac sign's Scorpio Season Horoscope...
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FREE Mercury Retrograde Love Tarot Reading
Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio has a message for YOUR love life! Reveal it with a FREE Mercury Retrograde love Tarot reading...
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2021 will be a year full of surprises for our love lives! See what's coming and when in your free 2021 Love Horoscope here...
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2021 Yearly Horoscopes
2021 is certain to be another unforgettable year! Reveal what's in store for YOU with your sign's 2021 Yearly Horoscope...
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October Monthly Horoscope
😲 In true #2020 fashion, we'll be having a Full Moon 🌕 on Halloween for the first time in 19 years -- not to mention that we'll also be starting the month with one! Will October bring you more tricks -- or treats 👻? Find out now with your sign's ✨monthly horoscope...
a woman in a red dress with the zodiac sign m on her chest and an image of the moon behind her
Mercury in Scorpio
When Mercury travels through Scorpio, it shines a light on all the darkest parts of ourselves and motivates us to dig deeper in search of truth 🔎 and hidden meanings. Here's more about how this secretive transit can impact YOU...
the full moon with text that reads full moon in pisces compassionate and imaginate
Full Moon FREE Tarot Reading
Click to do a FREE Tarot Reading to see what the Full Moon in Pisces has in store for you! The Full Moon in Pisces turns our simple thoughts into vivid fantasies. We might feel like we’re in a cosmic tug of war where we’re being pulled between idealism and reality. It may seem as though we’re being forced to choose sides, but the point of this lunation is to put ideals and inspiration into concrete forms so we can bring our dreams down to earth.
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FREE Love Compatibility Calculator
What does Astrology have to say about your long-term love potential with you-know-who? Find out now with this free NEW astrology compatibility calculator! Do it as many times as you want with any Zodiac pairing! #astrology #romanticcompatibility #zodiac #love #relationships #dating
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Your Virgo Season Horoscope
Virgo season is upon us! Read your sign's horoscope to see what part of your life is energized when the Sun is in detail-oriented Virgo!
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Leo-Virgo Cusp
Born on the Leo-Virgo cusp? You were born on the Cusp of Exposure, which makes you a natural leader! Learn about your strengths, weaknesses, and more:
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Uranus Retrograde in Taurus
⚡ RETROGRADE ALERT! Rebellious Uranus is turning retrograde in stubborn Taurus for the next five months, bringing us a much-needed fresh perspective on life. There's no better time to face our fears and make the changes we need to in order to embrace our personal freedom. Find out more about how this revolutionary event can transform YOUR WORLD...