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Nice drawings for a tattoo.

Odin the Allfather

At a distance you can make out shapes that imply the face of Odin- with a single eye. And up close, you can appreciate the Norse-style knots in all the shapes.


Little mountain scene up for grabs?

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"When you finally realize that nothing is permanent in this life, you will become more tolerant, more forgiving and less judgemental." ~ Unknown <3 lis

Ancient symbol of balance, and opposing forces of nature.// Ying Yang: Sun up, Sun down / Sacred Geometry. And this is my answer to anyone who asks why the yin yang

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geometric tattoo designs Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Tattoo • Diamond & Landscape • Drawing •

Like a tattoo? I have information about Matching tattoos for best Friends, Husband and Wife, Mother Daughter or Family. Very funny and cool if you can apply in your organs sexy part.

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Tribal bull tattoo design

Tribal bull tattoo design: totally looks like you could make it into a scorpio and taras tatoo !

Tribal Angel 2 by Shadow696.deviantart.com

Are you guys passionate about great tribal angel tattoos? Let's view we are offering the best tribal angel tattoo designs. Now a days tattoos of tribal angels are perhaps the most sought angel tattoo designs seen on many types of people.