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Though the internet is filled with lots of depressing news every single day, some people are still out there trying to spread positivity and hilarity. To that end, we have an unusual song from a few talented musicians. You might have seen people jamming to this song on TikTok or on social media, but have you ever seen the original video?

Hilarious Video Telling The Story Of Two Dancers Who Meet By ‘Coincidance’ Becomes Sleeper Hit

The song is getting very popular on social media, but the original video is hilarious on its own!

“I Will Always Love You” is one of the world’s hardest songs to sing convincingly. The song was written and originally recorded in 1973 by American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton. It was a commercial success and reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart twice.

A Girl Steps Up To Public Karaoke Machine And Has The Crowd In Awe

She absolutely crushed this!

Having children is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging things a person can do. Most people don’t even think of the possibility of having more than one kid at a time, but some people end up having twins, triplets, or even quadruplets. Like this woman, who was told she was having triplets and actually ended up having four identical quadruplets.

Mom Finds Out She’s Having Triplets, Gives Birth To Identical Quadruplets Instead

Woman makes history with quadruplets during COVID-19.

It’s not easy being a designer. Even for the best of designers, it’s pretty much inevitable that eventually, they’re going to make a mistake — sometimes a big mistake! That’s what these designers did. These artists’ projects were originally created with the best of intentions, but ultimately, they had all sort of unintended consequences.

75 hilarious design fails where designers dropped the ball

What were these designers thinking?

The current pandemic has stopped a lot of things from happening and naturally, a lot of people have been feeling kind of down as a result. But this fabulous mother and her equally fabulous daughter aren’t letting it get them down and they want the world to know that.

Mother And Daughter Look Like Pure Sunshine With Fun 'Footloose' Dance

Family goals.

All Aspen wanted for her eighth birthday was to be a sparkly, shiny, water-loving mermaid much like Ariel from Disney. But considering Aspen is a little girl who lives on land and doesn’t have sea legs, it was an impossible request.

Dad Complies With Daughters Birthday Request Resulting In Hilarious Photoshoot They’ll Never Forget

It was basically the best birthday EVER.

Ever since the pandemic hit us, people have really gotten in touch with their creative side. While being stuck at home with schools and work closed, many of us found ourselves doing projects to keep ourselves occupied. 14-year-old Macaire Everett decided that she wanted to make chalk drawings incorporating her little brother Cam (short for Camden).

Talented teen creates chalk drawings each day during lockdown for her little brother

A 14-year-old creates the most incredible chalk art drawings and her little brother is a part of each one.

If you’ve ever been on Mildly Infuriating and cringed at the stuff you saw, then these pictures are for you. Let your OCD take control and balk over each and every one of these images that fight against perfectionism.

75 Photos Where Things Didn’t Go As Planned

If you've ever been on Mildly Infuriating and cringed at the stuff you saw, then these pictures are for you. Let your OCD take control!

Men and women are different. We can fight it all we want but it’s true. There are some things women are naturally better at and some things men are better at. We crossover all of the time, but these photos will remind you why you love being who you are.

60 Pics Showing The Funny Differences Between Men And Women

Men and women are different. We can fight it all we want but it's true. We crossover all of the time, but these photos will make you love being who you are.

Hairstylists can work miracles. They can save overprocessed hair, breathe new life into limp and fine hair, and even spruce up blah locks.  Hairstylists also can change a person’s life in the most unexpected way.

Man Thanks Hair Stylist For “One Of The Last, Best Moments” Of Wife’s Life After Her Haircut

When hairstylist Sara received an unexpected letter from an anonymous customer discussing her behavior, she grew emotional.

We all make mistakes. Sometimes, we all look a little dumb. After all, we can’t know everything there is to know. However, some fails are worse than others.  Thanks to the internet, those moments are saved forever. Here are 50 people who left us facepalming. We’re actually embarrassed for them.

50 people whose stupidity runs so deep we have to facepalm ourselves

Mistakes happen. Dumb moments happen. However, sometimes they go beyond that...much further beyond that. Here are 50 of those times.

Shopping at Walmart generally isn’t all that exciting. Maybe that’s why some people seem to go out of their way to liven it up a little (or a little too much).

75 outrageous people shopping at Walmart we couldn't make up if we tried

Some of us go to Walmart to pick up a bag of Doritos. Some go for the strangest fashion show on earth. Which one are you?

Many people are wearing glasses as part of a fashion statement, but for some, it is not an option. Life without good vision can be hard, and glasses aren’t always the most elegant solution. They can fog up, slide down your nose, and cause you all sorts of grief. Here are 40 life hacks that will really help people who wear glasses.

If You Wear Glasses, Here Are 40 Little-Known Life Hacks That You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Life with glasses isn't easy, but it can be much easier.

There was a moment in these peoples lives where they just stopped caring about what anyone else thought. The moment all hit these people at their own times and in their own ways. We do not know how or why it happened but are thankful that it did. Why are we thankful? For one quick moment their ability to not care will be able to bring you laughter. Check out these 75 people who stopped caring and maybe they will inspire you to not care so much either.

75 People Who Don’t Care What Anyone Thinks About Them

They’ve mastered the skill of not caring what anyone thinks about them.

Many of us pride ourselves on being self-sufficient and/or creative. But sometimes we overestimate our abilities in the DIY department.

50 People Fixed Things So Bad It’s Good

They should win the “I fixed it” trophy.

Do you sometimes feel tired of trashy people who are giving the rest of humankind a bad name by behaving like total jerks? It may be something as innocent as trolling on social media, or a racist outburst in public.

60 trashy people that will make you lose all faith in humanity

This is just wrong.