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there are many different pictures of people in the water and one is diving into the water
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a woman in a blue lagoon with the words i need to visit iceland
Blue Lagoon, Iceland. How pretty!
an image of a path in the forest with trees and plants on either side of it
ʄɵƚƚɵϣ @K͎e͎l͎z͎😈 ʄɵɾ ɱɵɾɛ 🔥fྂiྂrྂeྂ‼️
there are many different types of plants and trees in the world that you can see here
Define Peak
did-you-kno: “ Visiting the island of Socotra in Yemen can seem like you’re on another planet. More than 30% of the island’s plant life, including the dragon blood tree that bleeds bright red sap when it’s cut, isn’t found anywhere else on earth....
Devil's Pool in Zambia (LICENSED)
No ropes. No guardrails. Just you and the edge of the largest waterfall in the world.⠀
an unusual house in the middle of some trees
New Earth-Like Exoplanet with Rocky Surface Discovered 39-Light-Years Away, Called GJ 1132B
Montaña Mágica Lodge in Chile.
the instagram page shows an image of a woman laying in a hammock
Treehouse Chillin' Photo by @dreaming_outloud #treehouse. I’d be the one dumbass who fell off the side.