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I totally ship this!!!!

Inside out x Big Hero idk if I ship this but I kinda like it<--- I now ship Riley and Hiro

I'M DYING!!!!!!!

Oooh, brother is jealous ! ~ *teases* What's the matter, bro ? Upset that Honey Lemon is hugging me and not you ? lololol Not my fault that I can do puppy eyes ! - Hiro Hamada This.

(OH MY GOD YES) Hiro: *blushes like a tomato* I meant T-Tadashi..........n-not mom.......

Hiro: *blushes like a tomato* I meant T-Tadashi.<< That happened to me with a teacher ya I know oops

I literally almost started crying.....and I think I'm an ugly crier.....

Big hero 6 fan art- Tadashi and Hiro Hamada. This would be way better than the tears we were left with.