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three wine bottles are stacked on top of each other in front of a wallpapered room
3 bottle balancing wine rack
a bottle that is sitting on top of a wooden stand with a cork in it
Solid oak wine bottle balancer. $25 each. Visit my website
a blue box with measurements for the top and bottom section, showing how to measure it
a wine bottle holder with a wooden handle
Olive Wood Wine Bottle Holder
a wine bottle holder made out of wood with a guitar on the bottom and an acoustic pickle attached to it
Personalized Wine Bottle Holder - Wine Rack - Custom Engrave Guitar Style Bottle Holder - Handcrafted Solid Wood
Personalized Wine Bottle Holder - Wine Rack. Guitar headstock shaped wine bottle holder laser engraved with a name or message. #personalized #wine #storage #winerack #guitar #headstock #engraved #giftidea
a wine bottle holder with a wooden handle
Guitar Neck Balancing Wine Rack
Gravity defying wine bottle holder in guitar headstock shape. Beautiful guitar theme wine bottle holder in natural wood. #guitarneck #wineholder #guitar #guitarheadstock #winebottleholder #winerack #wine #musictheme #ad
a wooden wine bottle holder with a dog on it's side holding a corkscrew
Wood wine bottle holder, 'Brown Balinese Pony'
A graceful arc of natural suar wood is designed to hold a bottle of wine. Handcrafted by Nengah Sudarsana this sleek bottle holder is crowned by a horse. Wine not included.