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two pigeons sitting on top of a ledge with the words, dumal stain e pom
colorful flowers with the quote you're asking for a rose when god wants the whole garden to be yours
a car driving down a road with the sun setting in the back ground and trees behind it
a blurry photo of flowers in front of a window
some green leaves on a white background with the words,'endrept - ti pri
versete,gânduri creștine
a girl writing on a map in front of a car
a person holding a bouquet of purple flowers in their hand with the words,'sadi dubul stafft eclurers'written on it
a black and white quote on a gray background with the words, in french language
the sky is filled with pink clouds and there is a quote written in white on it
two hands holding a flower with the words, come to be loved in spanish and english
Forgive, for He forgive you.
a white flower with the words o data vori dummeezu, de douta ori am auti ca
an open book with some type of text on it's page, in spanish