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a poem written in russian with butterflies and leaves around it, on a white background
a poster with an image of people and their pets in spanish, which includes the words az en esaladom
twelve christmas ornaments are arranged on top of each other with red bows and pine branches
Pin by lucia on Winter weihnachten | Christmas kindergarten, Preschool christmas, Preschool christmas crafts
a christmas poem with santa claus and reindeers on the bottom right corner, in front of a pine tree
Mikulás története - Aprajafalva - Értékpercek
a poster with different types of food and words in english, spanish, and french
three children standing on top of each other with the words mondoka in front of them
a christmas tree with pictures of santa claus and other things around it, including a red bird sitting on the branch
a number made out of legos on the floor with different colored blocks and shapes
a large poster with many different pictures on it
someone is holding up a colorful paper plate with different weather symbols on it and the sun, clouds, and rain