Szende Szabo

Szende Szabo

A tehetséged belülről, a szívedből fakad. (...) Ami benned van, nem veszhet el örökre. Mások csak álmodnak erről. Te művész vagy! Nicholas Sparks
Szende Szabo
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I would want to paint  the lines on instead of the triangles, see more of the wood

Wall hanging with geometric decoration Interesting project by Liz Fourez that we found in iheartnaptime. If you like the design of this two-tone hanger, look forward to making

fashion, girly, and glitter image

The almond nail is a beautiful shape that is currently trending, and for good reason! We don’t think this will just be a phase though; almond nails are here to stay because they are just that good looking.


There are nail designs that include only one color, and some that are a combo of several. Some nail designs can be plain and others can represent some interesting pattern. Also, nail designs can differ from the type of nail… Read more ›