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Elaboration in Writing Teaching elaboration during writing can be done with this engaging activity and idea!Teaching elaboration during writing can be done with this engaging activity and idea! Kindergarten Writing, Teaching Writing, In Writing, Teaching English, Teaching Ideas, Teaching Kids To Write, Teaching Verbs, English Activities, Language Activities

Teaching Elaboration in Writing - The Owl Teacher

Teaching elaboration might seem impossible sometimes, but I recommend this engaging and authentic activity to better help students understand what it means.

Whether you’re one of those super teachers who like to change up their bulletin boards every month or you’re still looking for ideas to decorate your room. Teaching Grammar, Teaching Aids, Teaching Reading, Teaching English, English Lessons, Learn English, Spelling Activities, Listening Activities, Prefixes And Suffixes

Prefix Sliders - Spelling Learning Aid

This file contains 8 Prefix Sliders for the prefixes 'dis', 'mis', 'non', 'over', 'pre', 're', 'un', and 'under'. Laminate the sheets and cut them out. Using a cutting board, stanley knife and ruler (to direct the blade in a straight line), slice along the dotted lines on the 'slide' bars. Finally,...

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Put Your Hands Together for Conjunctions (Free Printable Hands Template) Grammar Activities, Teaching Grammar, Grammar Lessons, Writing Lessons, Teaching Writing, Student Teaching, Teaching English, English Grammar, Teaching Ideas

Learning About Conjunctions FREE Printables and Ideas - Homeschool Giveaways

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Conjunctions can be a tricky thing for beginning readers to learn and understand.Conjunctions are used to join words or groups of words together. The most common ones are and, or, and but. There are also many other conjunctions and many different types of conjunctions. Sometimes they can be hard to keep track of.Read More

Guided Reading Beach Ball--My kids love doing this! Reading Activities, Literacy Activities, Teaching Reading, Guided Reading, Fun Learning, Kinesthetic Learning, Shared Reading, Reading Groups, Student Teaching

Using Beach Balls for Comprehension

Come learn how you can use balls when learning. This motivates kids and brings in the fun factor.

Comprehension Beach Ball Challenge - *Throw the guided reading beach ball and wherever your thumb lands is the question you must answer. All of the questions correlate with the main topics of reading comprehension. Reading Comprehension Games, Reading Activities, Teaching Reading, Classroom Activities, Reading Games, Reading Response, Comprehension Strategies, Kindergarten Guided Reading, Reading Groups


The past two weeks, we've been working hard on comprehension in reading groups. For a quick and easy review over our guided reading books, ...