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an outdoor water fountain with a wooden roof
6 Ft Extra Large Wishing Well Custom Colors Outdoor Yard Lawn Garden Decor - Mahogany & Black
more Specs Overall Width: 44" Height of roof: 76" Height of Well: 21" Inside Clearance: 32" Outside of Well: 40" Weight: 210 lbs Material: Polylumber - Extremely Durable & Weather Resistant Open at the bottom Made in USA By: Top quality Amish woodwork manufacturer specializing in handcrafted nautical decor since 1998. Amish-made products have a reputation for being well constructed and durable due to the passing down of traditional methods through generations of furniture makers. Description
a drill is in the middle of a wooden box
Pozzo finto fai da te in legno | Guida alla costruzione
a wooden box with nails sticking out of it and some screwdrivers on the side
Pozzo finto fai da te in legno | Guida alla costruzione
two wooden bird houses sitting in the grass
Amish Wishing Wells by DutchCrafters Amish Furniture
an oven built into the side of a brick wall next to a box with firewood in it
"Eigenbau" eines gemauerten Räucherofens
an outdoor brick oven is shown with measurements for the door and window openings on it
grillo wędzarnia projekt by buc