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an image of a colorful object made out of perler beads on a wooden table
a black and yellow sheep made out of legos on a blue surface with white background
five pixelated avatars are shown on the wall in front of a brown carpet
Stranger Things Perler Beads
six pixellated video game characters are displayed on a white surface
Perler bead kids
Perler bead kids : StrangerThings
some pixelated video game characters are shown in different colors and sizes, with the names on
a pixellated image of a woman's face in blue and white squares,
Alpha pattern #28118
a piece of perler bead with a green cup on the top and bottom
a white plate topped with lots of black and purple circles on top of each other
there is a small cactus made out of legos
Pearls border
there is a red plastic tray with many different colored circles on it and the bottom half has black, orange, yellow, and green rings