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Yahweh's Image on a 4th Century BC Persian Coin  "A coin from Gaza in Southern Philista, fourth century BC, the period of the Jewish subjection to the last of the Persian kings, has the only known representation of this Hebrew deity. The letters YHW are incised just above the hawk(?) which the god holds in his outstretched left hand . He wears a himation, leaving the upper part of the body bare, and sits upon a winged wheel. The right arm is wrapped in his garment."

In Defense of the Christian God as "Magic Sky Fairy"

El, seated on a throne with lion feet, wears conical horned headdress, a tunic and mantle. He receives gifts from a priest or king or lesser deity. The winged globe is above them in the background. Stela found in Palestine.

Canaanite God, El, Father of Humanity, husband of the goddess Asherah, sometimes compared by classical scholars to the god Saturn.

La Estela de Baal con un Rayo, encontrada en las ruinas de Ugarit.

Baal (any of numerous local fertility and nature deities worshipped by ancient Semitic peoples; the Hebrews considered Baal a false god) thunderbolt Found at the Acropolis in Ras Shamra-Ugarit ca BC. A stolen Artifact it in Louvre Museum in TODAY!

Weather and War God, Baal Bronze; Syria or Anatolia, 1400 - 1200 B. C. California Museum of Ancient Arts

Troll Idol Bronze statue of the weather and war god Baal Syrian or Anatolian 1400 - 1200 BC Source: California Museum of Ancient Art

Male Votive Figure of Baal. Syrian (Artist) PERIOD early 2nd millennium BC (Middle Bronze Age (MB I/II A)) MEDIUM bronze. Levantine (in present-day Syria) (Place of Discovery)

This solid cast bronze figurine served as votive offering and is surely Anat, a fertility goddess who is the sister and consort of Baal.

Baal-Adad, From Syria, in Damascus Museum. (Baal id considered the Great God of the Sumerian and Babylonian Empires, and the worship of this God is still carried on today. It has moved into the Occult/Cabal/Elite World of War, Finance, Pharmaceutical, and Religious Corporations with once mission. Kill and Enslave as many Humans as possible for the 'harvest' that they were planning. Their Gods and Overlords, the Annunaki, have been removed from this Planet, as will their Dark Minions).

Baal-Adad, From Syria, in Damascus Museum. Is that the mark of the beast under his arm? Baal worship just like the baal arches they had up in uk asa etc, this is ancient god worship (idol worship ) dark stuff and against god backs up bible totally

Who Is Baal | Baal, el primer demonio Mitos y Leyendas

Limestone stela of Baal with thunderbolt, Ugarit, C. Baal brandishes mace of thunder, holds lance of lightning ending in plant. On prayer dais in front stands king, draped in cloak.