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a teddy bear with its mouth open and the caption reads two minutes with a job
two computer monitors with hearts on them and the caption says, even though we're miles apart a computer screen connects our hearts
webcore aesthetic
“Even though we’re miles apart a computer screen connects our hearts.”
a store filled with lots of toys and dolls on display next to the words, what if we kissed in the monster high aisle?
lets do it bae
girly memes, monster high
two cartoon ladybugs holding balloons with the words portale bambini
La diversità è una fonte di ricchezza (se impariamo a comunicare con l'altro da Sé)
two stuffed animals are standing next to each other on a blue background with flowers and daisies
two drawings of people holding hands and one has a green ball in his hand while the other
a cartoon depicting harry and harriet on a bus
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