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an image of jesus washing his feet in the water with another man kneeling down next to him
Christ Heals the Paralysed Man
an image of jesus and mary in the water
UK Coptic Icons - Gallery (private commissions)
an icon depicting the birth of jesus on horseback with two donkeys and angels above
Holly Family arrival to Egypt (June 1st )
an icon of jesus washing his feet with the help of another person, who is kneeling down
an icon of jesus holding the hand of another person
Jesus holding the Church
an older man wearing a white outfit and smiling at the camera
Papa Francesco
City a Desert Catholic Saints, Holy Father, Catholic Prayers, Saint Quotes
City a Desert
City a Desert
an icon with the virgin mary and child jesus
Икона Божией Матери «Достойно есть» (Милующая)
Радуйся, Присноблаженная и Пренепорочная; радуйся, Мати Бога нашего. Радуйся, честнейшая Херувим; радуйся, славнейшая без сравнения Серафим. Радуйся, без истления Бога Слова рождшая; радуйся, воистину сущая Богородице. Радуйся, величаемая на небеси и на земли; радуйся, воспеваемая горними и дольними. Радуйся, христианом Помощнице и милосердая о грешных Предстательнице.
an image of jesus and his family painted on the wall