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Humans INTUITIVELY avoid others who carry disease, even before they become conscious of symptoms –

Do you remember your mom doting on you when were ill as a kid? Well, now you're the mom, and sick days don't quite look the same as they used to.

ECT PAGE | Psychiatric Drug Facts

The dangers of electroconvulsive therapy See Dr. Breggin's ECT Resources Center with more than 125 annotated scientific articles, glossary of searchable terms

MakerBot Digitizer | 3D Scanner | 3D Scanning- make a 3-D printing pattern from any object, translate prototype into product with a scan, amazing!!!!

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Don't call yourself a gamer then

Why are people so mean to mobile gamers? I'm not a mobile gamer, but there's nothing wrong with mobile gamers. Unless they start saying that you aren't a real gamer until you play Clash of Clans.

parsnip & garlic chive homefries | heartbeet kitchen

parsnip & garlic chive homefries | heartbeet kitchen