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a cartoon horse holding a coffee cup with the caption, i need a job that isn't too jobby where i can do work that's not so work
an old couple sitting on a couch next to a small dog with big blue eyes
stephen king has a son named joe i'm not joking, but he is
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a blue background with an image of snow covered trees and the words, i asked the librarian if she knew of any authors who wrote dinosaur novels
a red background with the words do you ever get the urge to start organizing and then 2 hours later you're just looking around at a mess like what the hell
the words i tried to come up with a carpenty pun that woodwork, i think nailed it but nobody saw it
a poster with the words, why do cows have hooves instead of feet? because they're lactose
a poster with the words, what do you call two guys above a window?
a black and yellow poster that says, why couldn't the mexican use the cross bow? he didn't habanero
a sign that says, where did captain hook buy his hook?? at a second hand store